Shockless static eliminators

Cason static devices include:

  • TA2 power supply units for static eliminators and shockless devices.

  • ATC series shockless static bars.
    ATC 16 the smallest where space is at a premium,
    ATC 26 compact, high-performance,
    ATC 42 heavy-duty, high-performance.

  • ATR series shockless static bars:
    ATRS 51 easy-clean, high-performance with reinforced-aluminium profile and compressed air blow to reduce dust deposits and improve long-range neutralisation.

  • AGS 490 ionising blowers comprise a fan driven by an electric motor and are designed to eliminate static from irregularly-shaped materials.

  • Standard ACN and shockless ACA circular static eliminators fitted with high-performance ionising points assembled in a ring-shaped configuration to neutralise materials passing through the middle and eliminate the risk of shocks.

TA power supply unitATC series static bars
ATC series
ATR series static bars
ATR series
AGS ionising blowers
AGS series
AC circular static eliminators
AC series