Increase surface wettability

The use of our corona treater can optimise results when printing flexible insulating and metallised materials.

Eliminate static electricity

We particularly recommend installing our neutralising static eliminators in order to safeguard the product quality, production times and safety of various industrial manufacturing processes.

Bond two surfaces

The use of our static generators is essential in certain manufacturing processes. Special emitter pins are used to apply the electrostatic field generated to plastic, thus forcing the formation of a temporary bond with another material or surface without the generator ever coming into contact with the materials themselves!

Cason Elettrotecnica Srlhas been operating in the plastics, paper and textiles sector since the eighties as a manufacturer of: corona discharge surface treatment equipment,  static elimination systems and static generators.
Our systems can resolve any problem regarding the wettability of materials and/or their electrostatic charge in the extrusion, printing, bonding, wind/rewind, roll-to-roll changeover, lamination, form/fill/seal, gravure printing, screen printing, labelling and packaging sectors. With a long experience stretching back more than 25 years, Cason Elettrotecnica Srl offers products of the highest quality at competitive prices.
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